Friday, February 29

An Interview with Buzz Saw

An Interview with Buzz Saw:

In 2000, jargon-garbage was at its peak, and rejoiced in its endless battle with weak-minded PR entities. Susan Mac Tavish Best interviewed me, The Red Worm, after a particularly creative haircut:
1). How often do you go red from using a buzz word?

Very rarely. When I do use a buzzword, I try to make sure the sardonic quotation marks are audible. When I was at Forbes, there were a few agonizing instances in which buzzwords were edited into my stories. See


10). I heard that the hyphen key on the computer keyboard was going to be swapped with the single quotation mark for ease-of-use. All buzz, all true, or just a load of crap?

The ultimate PR hack attack would be a trojan horse program that turned the hyphen key into a delete key. PR Newswire, Business Wire and M2 Presswire would be out of commission. With a shortage of mushy buzzwords to grease its progress, the Web industry would screech to a halt.