Tuesday, September 18

At Least the Names are Better This Time

Looking at the Demo Pit at the Techcrunch 40 conference, I have to say that big fonts and pastels aren't the only huge Web 2.0 improvement over the dot-com stampede. Freed of the idiotic naming convention whereby ".com" was suffixed to every company's official name, in order to signal to day traders that "this here is an int4rWebz company," and aside from the "Big"s, the "[elided-e]r"s and the "-ster"s, this is a pretty decent crop.

Names I'm feeling:
  1. Vudu - du it.
  2. Stixy - yum!
  3. Swamble - sounds like the name of a country judge.
  4. Pakt - ...and ready to go.
  5. Tangler - risky, but frank.
  6. Boomi - cheeky, with a bass track.
  7. Spoke - 'nuff said.
  8. Mashery - either a British misdemeanor or a pre-industrial fast food chain - either way, guilty as charged!
  9. Houseglue - construction adhesive or coagulated dance-sweat? Who cares - two good nouns that go great together.
  10. G.ho.st - spooky in a good way
  11. Polar Rose - sounds like the name of a Yes track or something. How can that be bad?
  12. WorkLight - take out the intracapital, but cozy and solid nonetheless.

Names I'm not feeling:
  1. DotName - way too close
  2. Chuala - woof!
  3. Empressr - lose the "r" and you've got something
  4. SmartHippo - redundant
  5. MyFridj - oh, my.
  6. Goojet - disgusting
  7. Snoozester - and that goes for the language in the company description too.
  8. Dopetracks - e-heroin chic?