Thursday, October 19

Here's a model pitch. It came from a real flack in NYC who surfs long Island and knows his way around the wheels of steel.
" You know of course mobile computing will enable end-users or early adapter road-warrior knowledge workers pervasive access to mission critical corporate data anywhere, anytime. Think about it - trade stocks and take a dump at the same time. Have sex with your wife and still track that shipping order to Singapore. Or email your wife with a wireless device that sends from your work email address while you have sex with your girlfriend."
Talk about making pitches relevant!
Having re-read the message below and having done a bit more investigating as to the nature of Vice Magazine, I believe that the message posted on ProfNet was a hoax, a trick, a trap. Therefore, this Steve Jones, if he exists, or his creator deserves props for tossing that spanner into the PR machine.

Tuesday, October 3

As has been pointed out in the past, we in the press are often just as guilty as flacks of perpetuating buzzwords. But what in the name of Hanuman, the monkey deity, was this reporter thinking when he posted this to ProfNet?:
> technology supplement, I would like to talk to leaders in the
> industry about the best-of-breed, turnkey b-to-b solutions providers using
> the ASP model to leverage end-to-end click-and-mortars for e-tailing and
> vortal development. Vice is a free monthly magazine circulated throughout
> North America and England in clothing stores, music stores, coffee shops and
> other businesses. Need leads by October 29. >>> Steve Jones
> [c::9/26:2825]
Before we flog our first brother, we need to find out if this is for real. Anyone respond to this request? Or was this some sort of desperate attempt to get noticed by the Saw? Let us know.