Tuesday, September 14

make your own bogeyman!

Now here is a new one, on me at least. Transmedia Corp has apparently trademarked a concept, "digital friction," which is the alleged problem their wares purport to solve. Rather clever, actually - first, invent the problem:

What is Digital Friction??

Digital Friction™ is caused by the rapid proliferation of digital files and information (music, video, images, documents, calendars, contacts etc.) and of non-integrated, incompatible proprietary systems used to manage the many aspects of digital work and home life.

Digital Friction™ begins when you select and purchase software based on your PC and OS requirements, continues when you install and configure software and is most apparent when working with and navigating between multiple programs on your desktop creating software and OS conflicts, often necessitating extra steps to complete tasks (e.g. manual migration and format conversions of incompatible files and information between software applications) and taxing processor power and memory. These are examples of Digital Friction™ that we all experience…and that we have considered acceptable…until now…

Who is Responsible for Digital Friction™?

The Digital Revolution like the Industrial Revolution has brought with it incredible advancements but also its own set of intrinsic problems. One byproduct is Digital Friction™ that takes away valuable time and resources from people. Many technology companies, create Digital Friction™ by --
• Promoting proprietary and closed platforms
• Working against open systems and customer choice
• Fighting format wars that create incompatibilities for users and frustrate their ability to manage and share media and communicate with others
• Forcing people into “artificial” online communities that are exclusionary by design and defined by corporate interests
• Promoting open systems that do not honor and protect content creators and the value of media content

How Does TransMedia Combat Digital Friction??

TransMedia’s individual empowering and community building technology, makes the status quo and current methods of media and information management, communication and sharing a cumbersome experience. A process of natural selection drives people away from rigid, closed, friction filled systems toward compatible and integrated system.

The TransMedia platform reduces Digital Friction™ by providing a single integrated and compatible online platform that enables users to manage media files, communicate, and browse and share media files and information through a fully interactive media portal providing global access to media content and information. Colaborata overcomes differences in hardware, software, formats and other technical obstacles.

Wow. This is vintage 1998 "marketing collateral," warmed over for the new millenium. Scintillating stuff.

afterthought, 6-29-2005:
And furthermore, trademarking it! What better way could there be to make sure that no one else will ever use that phrase you're trying to popularize?