Tuesday, August 12

Carly Corner

HP yesterday held what it called "Big Bang 2," its launch of over 100 consumer products, most of which would have had a hard time getting mentioned on gizmodo on their own ("HP launches slightly different camera!"). The event, held far enough west on Manhattan to make the site almost unreachable except by Segway, was memorable for one thing: in the keynote, Carly Fiorina seemed to criticize HP's habit of giving its products impossible-to-remember names. When holding up the new HP Scanjet 4670 Scanner, she said something to the effect of "The 4670 will .. actually I don't like the name. I prefer to call it 'Thin Mint'..." (I had dropped my reporters pad in excitement, thus the paraphrase). She kept calling it "thin mint" in the rest of her presentation.

The nickname doesn't make much sense: the scanner is sort of thin, but is neither mint colored nor breath-freshening when chewed. Still, it is a refreshing sign that perhaps real names are coming to a world that seems to take its cues from from the IRS.